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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will bring the next revolution in mobility by giving access to a wider range of transportation services, beyond just booking, navigation or ticket purchasing. Grouping together all means of transportation in a city, public or private, MaaS platforms will allow users to plan and book door-to-door trips using a single app, as well as help cities improve the traffic experiences of their citizens.

We believe technology can bring together public and private actors in one platform: city 4.0

We aspire to build a holistic urban mobility solution catering to the needs of local administration and citizens for a more sustainable city life by bringing technology expertise on urban mobility and a solid mobility solution.

What city 4.0 does

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Allows you to build your own city

Customizable app tailored to individual city needs. Cities own traffic data and have access to analytics and insights for advanced understanding of urban traffic.

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Brings it all together

A single app where journeys across different mobility providers can be planned, booked and paid for. Simple & reliable.

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Gets you there smarter

Moving seamlessly from point A to point B. Improved travelling experiences for citizens and better quality of urban life.

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Shapes urban mobility

Drive changes in citizens’ behavior to encourage reduction of car ownership and choice of greener options to help optimize urban traffic

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The impact city 4.0 can have on urban mobility

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Supports your smart city strategy
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Enables better traffic and capacity management
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Contributes to greener cities
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Frees up traffic during peak travel periods
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Helps you achieve cost savings by streamlining existing infrastructure
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Encourages usage of alternative transportation means
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Eases pressure on the transportation network
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Improves accessibility for all citizens

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Features to expect from city 4.0

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The app allows users to plan their journeys from a point A to a point B, offering the ability to select the routes based on various preferences such as fastest, cheapest, greenest option. All transportation means will be considered in a planning route, featuring intermodal journeys by public transport, bike sharing, e-scooters etc. Information with regards to distance, duration and price will be made available in this step.

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This stage follows the journey planning stage and it is the place where users will be able to book any transportation means that require in advance booking. The booking system will be a central platform where users and transporters are brought together, with the aim to integrate different booking systems for a more pleasant user experience. Clear information about pricing and provider will be easily accessible to allow users to take informed decisions.

Real time information

For seamless assistance during planning and travelling, real time information will be featured in city 4.0. This means cities can inform travelers about delays, closures, congestion areas and quickly redirect the citizens to optimal travel routes. This will free up city traffic and ensure most efficient use of existing transportation means. It would also ensure better travel experiences, encouraging citizens to utilize alternative transportation means before choosing their own cars.

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To significantly enhance user experience, city 4.0 aims to have one single payment for the entire journey. Considerations such as monthly subscriptions will be taken into account when the overall journey cost is presented. It will be of utmost importance to provide all cost information before the user authorizes the payment. Following the payment, a proof of purchase will be issued, with the possibility to adapt this proof based on individual city or provider needs.

Intelligent City Mobility Analytics

We have developed new ways to identify and analyze data from multiple sources with advanced algorithms, that give insights on the usage of urban mobility options, demographic and behavioral mobility patterns, quality of the transit system, being also capable of making predictions on future usage, capacity planning and policy definition.

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